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      product News

      Was this wave <camouflage vest> police equipment with a powder

      DATE:2017-08-24 Browse:2530 Source:QLX

      Recently, the film "War Wolf 2", has been the focus of the hot, the film countless battle scenes, leaving a deep impression. Read "War Wolf 2", I was not only that souls lit blood, but also by this wave of camouflage circle powder.

      Speaking of this camouflage equipment, the following small belt with you into the Ministry of Public Security is a single police equipment shortlisted production enterprises, police helmets, interrogation chairs, law enforcement recorders sentinel production enterprises - Shenzhen Qiao Lixing Electronics Co., Ltd.


      Qiao Lixing has been leading the trend of police equipment, in addition to its advanced technology and reasonable design, we manufacture materials required durability also increased the cost, wear, light. Was well received.