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        PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh

        PVC coated welded wire mesh is made of quality welded low carbon steel wire mesh galvanized before, then coated with PVC powder of PE powder The coated layer is even, strong adhesiveness and bright luster with long life, good anti-corrosive properties.

        All kinds of colors can be coated according to customers' special requirements.

        Standard & Grade:

        Gauge Mesh WL
        2.0MM/2.6MM 4"*2" 3'*100'
        1.9MM/2.5MM 3"*2" 3"*100"
        1.9MM/2.5MM 2"*2" 3'*100'
        1.9MM/2.5MM 2"*1" 3"*100"
        1.6MM/2.1MM 3"*2" 3'*100'
        0.8MM/1.1MM 1/2"*1/2" 3"*100"
        0.6MM/0.7MM 3/4"*3/4" 3'*100'


        1.Gauge:BWG12TO24 2.Mesh:1/4",3/8"
        3.Width:2"to7" 4.Length:10"to300"
        5.Moisture-proof Paper 6.Green,Black