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        Cold Rolled Coil/Sheet

        The CRC is the based material for galvanized steel and pre-painted galvanized steel. It has good processability, with good flatness and excellent surface. It is available with different thickness and width combinations. It is mainly used to manufacture the products in automotive, appliance, beverage packaging, electronic element and building etc.

        Main Specification:

        Thickness 0.10mm-4.00mm
        Width 600mm-2000mm
        Sheets Length 1200mm-6000mm
        Coil Inner Diameter 508mm or 610mm
        Surface Treatment Matt Finish/Bright Finish,Oiling/Dry,Bright Anneal/Black Anneal
        Coil Weight 3-15mt

        Standard & Grade:

          JIS G3141-1996 EN10130-1999 ASTM A1008-02el
        Commercial Quality SPCC DC01 CS
        Drawing Quality SPCD DC03 DS
        Deep Drawing Quality SPCE DC04 DDS
        Extra Deep Drawing Quality SPCEN DC05 EDDS