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        Pre-painted Galvanized Steel

        With Gl as base metal,after pretreatment (degrease and chemical treatment)and liquid dope with several layers of color,then after firing and cooling,finally the plate steel is called pre-painted galvanized steel(PPGI). Pre-painted galvanized steel is good capable of decoration,molding,corrosion resistance.

        Main Specification:

        Thickness 0.23mm-1.2mm(BMT)
        Width 914mm-1250mm
        Zinc Coating Mass 80g/m2-275g/m2
        Paints Standard Polyester(PE),PVDF
        Color RAL Scale
        Coil Inner Diameter 508mm or 610mm
        Coil Weight 3-7mt
        Base Material Hot-dip Galvabized Steel or Cold Rolled Steel


        Standard & Grade:

          ASTMA755M-03 EN10169:2003 JIS G 3312-1994
        Commercial Quality CS DX51D+Z SGCC
        Structure Steel SS GRADE 230 S220GD+Z SGC340
        SS GRADE 255 S250GD+Z SGC400
        SS GRADE 275 S280GD+Z SGC440
        SS GRADE 340 S320GD+Z SGC490
        SS GRADE 550 S350GD+Z SGC570